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Racing Games, look, we can’t drive too fast in real like. Especially in India. That’s why we have to do such activities only in Games and cars are very expensive in real life. That’s why we love Racing Games so much. In today’s Blog, I am going to tell you about 10 such Racing games, which are very good and you will like them very much. They can ever be your favorite games.

> Asphalt 9 Legends.

Asphalt 9 Legend is the Racing Game of 2018 made by Gameloft. It’s the ninth game of the series and it is a nice Racing games with good graphics. You can play this game both on Mobile and PC. The Game has almost 167 Cars to race with, In the beginning, we had a Mitsubishi car. We can use it to take part in small events, but as you keep on playing you can purchase new Cars, and later you can play with your favorite supercar. The Game has good maps with varieties of environments and conditions. There are different stunts as well. You should surely try out this game, Because after the cars seem to be more on air then on roads.

Racing Games
Racing Games

> NFS Most wanted.

NFS Most wanted has been my favorite racing game since childhood. Its map is quite good and we can roam freely here. We can mess with the police, and it is fun to evade them. The story of the game is excellents, where we have to defeat a character named RAZOR, Because he had taken our BMW by deceiving us, but to reach him we have to race against 15 people which is exciting. The game ha different race modes, Like Sprint, Circuit, Drag, time Trial, etc. we score bounty through police chases and they are necessary for progress. The graphics were very good, Considering the time in which it was made. There is no shortage of cars in the Games, and if you have a low-end PC such as a PC with 2 GB RAM and if you have a decent CPU, then you can enjoy this game.

Racing games
Racing GAmes

> Forza Horizon 4.

Forza Horizon 4 game was developed by PlayGround Games. The Game is set in a fictional world and its map is based on Great Britain. It is the fourth installment of the Forza Horizon series, and we see a lot of cars in this game and all the cars are realistics, with more than 150 available brands. Its race tracks are quite beautiful, and its environment looks too realistic. The graphics are also very good, meaning it is so good that if you switch on the great racing, and play in 4K or 8K, you will experience the joy you were looking for.

Racing GAmes
racing Games

> Burnout paradise.

Burnout Paradise, it is set in a city named Paradise. it is a fictional city that has a large map size. This game also has a variety of cars for racing with unique specifications. Multiplayer mode is also available for player VS player, you can participate in different types of races. even bikes are available in this game. It is an Open-World game and its city is very beautiful. You can enjoy exploring it. The graphics and soundtrack are excellent.

Racing Games
racing games

> Beach Buggy Racing.

Beach Buggy Racing is a 3D racing game, which you can easily download in your android and iOS devices. This game is quite interesting because it’s graphics are cartoonish and it has fast-paced action. It has many characters to choose from. Every character has its own power. The game has many tracks and shortcuts, while racing you get many different powers, using them you can defeat your opponents. It’s reviews are also positive, and if you have not tried it before then you should give it a try.

Racing games


This Blog is all about Racing Games, I hope that you like this blog, must try this game, if you have any question about Racing Games, then comments below. enjoy this Racing Games and share with your friends.